Paint Out 2019

Paint Out
Bishop's House Garden, Norwich 2019
October 14th, 2019

Throughout 2019 we will be exploring Norfolk’s great gardens from May-October, through the year’s changing seasons, light, and colour. The Bishop's Garden is a historic private four-acre formal city centre garden that has belonged to the Bishops of Norwich for over 900 years and includes 14th-century ruins. The general form of the garden was laid down at least 300 years ago and includes many hidden and historic delights.

These one-day events include: Stody Lodge Gardens (26 May), Elsing Hall Gardens (16 Jun & 15 Sep), Houghton Hall walled garden (14 Sep), Hunworth Hall garden (5 Oct), Norwich Bishop's House Garden (14 Oct), Norwich Plantation Garden (15 Oct).

These are available as one-day paintouts for £30 - with morning and afternoon painting sessions or for £100 there is an access all events pass to all 6+ garden events or as many as you can make.

Paint Out Bishop's House Garden, Norwich 2019