Rules of Participation

  1. All painting and drawing to be done en plein air on-site during the timed painting sessions
  2. Any media may be used that can be applied to board or canvas and displayed on an art shelving system or easel - please contact us about the use and display of digital media
  3. We prefer media that is up to 75cm max dimension. Single larger works may be approved on request
  4. Boards, paper and canvases must be PO ink stamped on the rear at the beginning of each day to verify they are begun blank and painted during the competition
  5. Painting is open-air but can be completed from shelter or cover during bad weather but should not be of indoor scenes
  6. We operate a minimum pricing policy of £100. More typically prices are £250-£550 though we have had a number of paintings in the £1000-£3000 range
  7. Commissions are 50/50 during the event selling exhibitions and Private Views
  8. Commissions online after the event close are 75/25 in favour of the artist
  9. Artists should refer all potential sales on the street to a member of the Paint Out team and/or direct the buyer to the PV and exhibition
  10. Artists are required to add title, location, media, size and price to their artworks at the end of each session
  11. No touching up of paintings after session-ends unless it is to repair damage
  12. No framing. Paper-based media such as Watercolour may be mounted on card or similar with a white narrow border


  • Can we use cameras or smartphones?
    • You may take photos for sharing on social media or for memories as you paint but please do not use photos as aids to painting e.g., to grid or capture fleeting elements or changing light and skies
  • Why do you not frame?
    • We have abandoned framing for several reasons:
  1. To create a level playing field for the Judges to adjudicate.
  2. To avoid wasting commission on framing cost.
  3. To speed up curation and display on our shelving system that does not require hanging.
  4. To present a uniform and consistent look.